News - 2010

New project in INDONESIA14/12/2010


PEG is in charge of providing consultancy and engineering services for the elaboration of a feasibility study for a Greenfield Cement production plant of 4 MTPA capacity in Aceh province

New project in ZAMBIA22/11/2010


PEG has been awarded the contract relating to the engineering and design prior to/during construction of a 3’000 tpd cement plant in Zambia

Second contract for PEG in Kaluga region, RUSSIA10/11/2010


The works executed by PEG experts according to the initial contract fully satisfied the Client, with the results surpassing the initial expectations. Consequentially the Russian company granted PEG a second contract. According to the agreed scope of works PEG is to evaluate the offer of a Civil Contractor preliminary chosen by the Client, elaborate a Construction Contract Draft and assist during negotiations. The Civil Contractor is a large Turkish developer with numerous references worldwide. PEG is to ensure the integrity of the scope of works offered by the Contractor and its compliance with the equipment supply of FLS. By engaging PEG, Client will secure the risk of differences in limits of supply between the Equipment Supplier and the Civil contractor. With the help of PEG, the Client shall evade a the possibility of startup delay. Thus PEG services protect the project from running into additional costs of non-production which may result in millions of euro.

New projects in TUNISIA17/08/2010


PEG will be providing a technical feasibility study for the construction of a new ready mix cement plant with a capacity of 1500 tons/day, representing an annual capacity of 430,000 tons.

A second contract has been signed in Tunisia where PEG will be providing operation and maintenance services for a quarry. In short, PEG will be assisting the client during mining, extraction and supply of raw materials (limestone, marl, clay) to ensure the quality and quantity of raw materials based on the cement plants needs and specifications.

New projects in RUSSIA07/07/2010


In July 2010 PEG signed a contract with a Russian company for consultancy and engineering services related to a new cement plant project. PEG services include a thorough evaluation of the equipment supplier's proposal. Both technical and commercial part of the offer are to be evaluated and optimized. In addition PEG will elaborate an Engineering and Procurement Contract (EP Contract) Draft. This document will be prepared by PEG experts according to international standards, protecting the interests of the Client and providing means of Project Management. PEG will assist the Client during technical and commercial negotiations with the chosen supplier. The works of PEG will be finalized once the EP Contract is successfully signed. The goals of PEG work are to ensure the high quality of the technical solution and to optimize the commercial part, whilst acquiring the best possible performance guarantees and warranties.

New projects in UZBEKISTAN07/07/2010


PEG has recently been awarded the contract to provide a feasibility study regarding a Greenfield cement plant project in Uzbekistan of an approximate capacity of 1.7 million tons of cement per year. PEG’s assistance in further technical and commercial aspects related to the project execution is envisaged and is subject to further agreement.

New projects in Ethiopia07/07/2010


A contract has recently been signed where PEG will be the consulting Engineer during the construction of a Greenfield cement plant, which will consist of two (2) 10,000 tpd production lines. PEG will be the consultant on all stages of this project. This contract also includes Operational and Maintenance (O&M) services for a minimum period of one year following the plant’s start up.

A Token of Recognition and Gratitude27/08/2010


In acknowledgment of his dedication and hard work at PEG S.A. over the past 16 years, especially during the Lafarge Hope project (Conversion from direct to indirect firing) Mr. Felix Hartmann, Head of the PEG Process Engineering Department, was recently awarded a PEGLEX watch to honour his achievements.

Mr. Hartmann is the first person to receive a PEGLEX, a watch designed by PEG S.A.’s CEO, Marc Lambert, alongside product designer Andrew Turner.

22 pieces have been produced, all numbered and each part of the watch has been specifically made for PEGLEX.

The National Award & Internship01/04/2010


The awards, supported by leading UK graduate recruiters and Universities, are designed to celebrate excellence in student placements and internships. Amongst the winners was former PEG S.A. placement student, Nick Gilbert, who received the award for “Outstanding contribution by a student on work experience”. When reviewing Nick’s placement, the judges were impressed by the impact Nick had on the PEG S.A. marketing campaigning and in particular his contribution during a PEG Turnkey project that helped reduce the transport and logistics costs by £180k.

When reflecting on his time at PEG, Nick described his experience as exactly what he needed during his placement year, “As a PEG intern you will not be treated as a student, but a real member of staff with important responsibilities that have a direct impact on the company’s performance. To work at PEG you need to be on the ball at all times which reflects the business world outside the classroom, in terms of experiencing high levels of responsibility and accountability for results there are few companies that can compete with PEG”.

When commenting on Nick’s contribution to the team during his placement PEG’s CEO Marc Lambert said, “It’s a pleasure to see that there are a number of intelligent, motivated young students, that are ready to take early on in life the challenges that life may throw at them. Nick is one of them, it was a pleasure working with him, he is a hard working individual who is able to think outside the box and who understands the value of money, this is why I offered him a job after his graduation and I am happy to say he accepted. So the whole PEG staff looks forward to having him back amongst the team”.

Africa CemenTrade - Dakar - Senegal03/03/2010


Cementrade Dakar represented a great opportunity to present the potential of the African cement market and to discuss its current problems.

During the conference PEG project manager Ahmad Shahin was interviewed by local television station, TV Monde 5, we he took part in a discussion on how to improve the African cement industry.

It was discussed that with the support of state governments and international consultants the cement industry in Africa can greatly improve. This is vital for the countries development. Widely available cement leads to improved infrastructure and leads to a multitude of positive effects such as job creation. Overall the conference provided a great insight into the opportunities available in Africa and allowed the conference team to present how PEG’s services can help develop the cement industry in the region.

Global Cement and Concrete Conference - Riyadh - SAUDI ARABIA02/02/2010


The first Global Cement and Concrete Conference took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The event was attended by practically all the cement producers in Saudi Arabia, and delegates from a total of 22 countries.

The conference addressed many important areas concerning the Arabian cement industry. Over the conference a total of 24 papers were presented, addressing various issues such as market developments, production advances, alternative fuels and material handling. All the papers presented in the conference received votes for the ‘best presentation’ awards.

Out of the 24 papers, a presentation conducted by Mr. Piet Heersch of PEG S.A received an award. This paper discussed how cement companies increasingly have to pay premiums for other companies to take project management risks for them.

Feedback from the conference team was extremely positive as the event provided a great occaission to present the expertise that PEG S.A. has to offer the Arabian cement industry.

PEGLEX, the watch designed by PEG01/06/2010


At first PEG SA used to present quality branded watches as gifts to their clients for every large project cement plant completed. Soon the CEO Marc Lambert decided that he wanted something more personal as a token of appreciation and so the idea for the PEGLEX was born.

The name takes its inspiration from the Latin inscription with LEX meaning LAW. This was combined with PEG giving PEGLEX or PEG`s law.

Also influenced by Marc Lamberts passion for sports cars the resultant watch is an infusion of high end design mixed with quality timing and internal workings.

22 pieces have been produced, all numbered and each part of the watch has been specifically made for PEGLEX.