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PEG, as your cement plant consultants since 1959, do not just ensure client satisfaction, but take it a step further by training you to become experts in your own right.

The PEG Company provides the following services:

We believe that a satisfied client is one who has full knowledge of what we did in the course of a particular project. It could be that your company is looking for the relocation of an existing or the commissioning of a new clinker cement plant. You might also have additional cement plant engineering requests, or your need for cement consultants could be related to something as routine as cement plant maintenance.

Whatever it is, we are transparent with HOW we came up with that information because we believe in a longstanding business relationship with clients. That means, going the extra mile, as PEG cement experts train you to be experts yourselves. It’s our way of offering excellent solutions to our clients and standing out from our competitors.

To guarantee the implementation of a project on time and budget, PEG can provide clients its expertise as project managers.

This service includes:

Feasibility Studies and Documentation

Everything starts with planning. A huge portion of our work will comprise of discussions, meetings, and paperwork to ensure optimum value for the budget allocated and after-work compliance to ensure the delivery of successful, timely, and cost-effective projects.

The feasibility studies ensure the presence of a robust market, meaning that the market can assimilate the projected production at its current and forecasted condition. It will guarantee the revenue of your cement plant following international standards.

Accordingly, the Scope of Work (SOW) is an agreement on the work to be performed on a project. It will state the problem to be hurdled.

The timeline needs to be on point, and what better way for it to be than to plan a schedule of deliverables.

The SOW should also specifically outline the goals and objectives of the agreement and/or the deliverables. The common stumbling block in a SOW is when quantitative factors are missing from the document.

Other relevant documents include the Tender Documents, Proposal Evaluation, and should it be requested, Client Assistance with Contract Negotiations by the PEG cement consultants.

New Cement Plant/Factory

Commonly, we engage in talks with the client, let them propose one or two sites for the location of the plant, assess the access connection with the quarry, and so on. The feasibility study would most likely identify the site’s production condition, career, and access.

The raw materials’ nature shall also be considered. Descriptions for the technical, mechanical, electrical, and automation components will be submitted.

Along with that, the investment, production costs, revenues, and overall profitability of our partnership project shall be evaluated, and the completion schedule shall be projected.

Cement Production/Manufacturing

The feasibility study mentioned above will relate to the technical characteristics of the projects. We shall review the location, as it pertains to market demand and specific types of cement, and whether those types will be dispatched in bulk or bags.

In actual cement production/manufacturing, profitability rate is measured, and so, funding sources including international institutions can be tapped because the proper eligibility has been pin-pointed, and document compliance is already ensured.

Cement Plant Maintenance

The goal behind cement plant maintenance is to maintain a competitive edge and retain market share. Our cement experts will check all alternatives available for modernization, but will also propose replacement should all avenues of maintenance be exhausted.

Another goal of cement plant maintenance is to optimize existing capacity, adding a few extra tons of production owing to the improved crushing of raw metal and cement production, as well as modernization of kiln pyro-processing systems where needed.

Being independent from all equipment suppliers, PEG is able to elaborate a solution consisting of equipment that is suitable for the required technical tasks and expected capacities, while at the same time, appropriate for your budget.

Ultimately, these lead to the reduction of the overall operating cost, with all environmental effects and gaseous emissions carefully considered.

At the end of the day, all the tiniest details of what we learned through the experience of doing business together, your company can readily utilize for your own expertise.

This transfer of know-how gained from a longstanding business partnership is what will help us go beyond the forecasts onto a legacy of a productive and clean community for generations to come.

That is what it means to be cement experts.


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