Renewable Energies

For the last two years, PEG has been involved in renewable energies namely solar, but also touch on wind power and hydraulic. Together with its partner it has formed a consortium where we can deliver and finance full turnkey projects under BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) format. We have been used to working in many different countries around the world of which Philippines Africa north Africa and Europe.

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PEG and its partner has been involved in solar for the last ten year so far all the 500 MW solar farms have been installed around the world. We are able to finance, design, build and operate the solar farms. Our financing comes from government and renewable energy funds. We are able to deliver quick and efficient solutions.


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In 2016, our renewable energies partner had over 40 wind turbines in operation representing over 290 MW which caters for the need of 570 000 people in Europe. Together we form one of the world leaders in wind farms and our speciality is to install and operate wind turbines in challenging and complicated geographical areas.